Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another Dandy Day

It’s a great day to be outside taking some pictures. But before I get to that I attended the Community Development Association meeting last night. Lots of positive things happening in Columbus these days. My friend Steve Sobiek our Economic Development Director has been a busy guy. Steve’s position is both Economic and Energy Sustainability and he certainly has been putting Columbus on the map as a leader in green energy.

The media likes anything green these days so Steve has been a popular fellow. This month he is featured in Wisconsin Builder magazine showing off the groundbreaking projects that he has in the works. In other CDA news Columbus was just awarded an LED Street Light grant. This grant will make Columbus one of the first cities in America to convert its street lights over to LED. This is just a couple of the projects he has in the hopper. Steve is one person making a big difference.

We thought it would be a good day to pull the Show Gig out for some pictures. It is nearing the finish line and turning out just lovely. It is black and maroon with a gold stripe and tan wool broadcloth upholstery. A rich combination.

The body is traditionally built with the rear chamfer on the back deck and louvers on the body side panels.

The two tone black and maroon body make for a nice subtle contrast with the fine gold stripe.

The wheels feature roller bearing hubs with solid brass caps.

Looks great from any angle. At this point the only thing we are waiting for are the lamps. A nice pair of black and brass rectangular lamps with polished nickel interiors. The one thing left to set off this great carriage.

Get out and enjoy the weather. Sounds like it’s going to be cooling down again this weekend. Have a great Tuesday!


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