Friday, November 12, 2010

Brewster Park Drag #25895

Every time I post a new blog I seem to say the same thing so let’s get that part over with and move on. “Sorry I’ve been too busy to blog, bla, bla, bla…” There got that out of the way. But we have been busy. Juggling a lot of balls, or flaming torches, or rubber chickens these days. Pick your pleasure. Some good restorations going on in the shop. We are about midway on an Albany Cutter, wrapping up a Portland Door Cutter and getting a good roll on a Studebaker Sailor Wagon. All good fun.

I wanted to share a number of photos from a recent project. It was a pretty good sized project and it turned out spectacular. It is Brewster Park Drag #25895 built May 18th 1912 for D.R. Hanna. This could very well be the last Coach built by Brewster. It has many unique features that coincide with the order direction to be built extra light. The axles are equipped with Timken Roller Bearing hubs per the specification.

We acquired the coach in New England for a client and dove right into restoration. The majority of the original finish had been stripped. Some of it was painted and some was stained and varnished. It had been in rather damp storage for a number of years but all in all the coach was a very solid and intact vehicle.

The wheels are traditional Brewster and all original. It appeared the hubs were a bit oversized to accommodate the original roller bearing boxing inside. All the original Brewster oil caps were in place and in good condition. This vehicle weighed in at about 1,800 pounds and with roller bearing hubs it moved effortlessly.

The original Brewster lamps were with the coach and in very solid condition.

Interior was all original and complete. Notice the simplicity. No buttons. I believe this was done to keep the weight as light as possible on this coach. The new interior leatherwork done by Greg Hunt was an exact duplication of the original.

One of the first steps is removal of the body.

There was only one cracked panel on the front boot below the toe board. Here we are in the early stages of stripping the main body and replacing the panel.

The chassis was dismantled, stripped and shown here in first coat primer.

The lamps were very solid and pretty straight for the most part. After minor repairs they were stripped and then into primer.

Here we have the body in final coat primer. It has been wet sanded and ready for first coats of base color.

Our wheels in first coat primer after sanding and ready for another.

The body in first coat base color black. Much wet sanding, color and clear to follow.

We completed the chassis, striping and all before we installed the body. Here the body is coming down and Dale is aligning the fasteners. Once it’s down with a couple bolts holding it in place everyone can take a deep breath.

Outside in the sun after completion.

Find a ripple if you can. Flawless paint and preparation by the crew at Frey Carriage Company.

Beautiful details.

The completed interior in a soft chocolate leather. The simple interior is very unusual.

The chassis was just gorgeous. Deep red with vermilion stripe per the original specification. We were lucky to find some original red intact on the window shades to make a match.

A very striking Coach at any angle. It was a privilege to bring it back to life. You can click on any photo to see a larger view.

We have numerous new arrivals at the showroom. Stop by sometime for a look. We are going to be planning some sort of open house in the near future but have not picked a date as of yet. We’ll keep you posted.

Have a great Weekend!



michelleblackler said...

Exquisite, Todd! What a breathtaking vehicle and restoration. Thanks for sharing your considerable talent with us.

Pam said...

WOW! I just stumbled across you sight in a friends facebook. You do amazing work. I love the coaches and the history behind them.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Todd and family. My husband actually phoned your office the other day. I feel like I know you even better. ;-}. We were looking for a marathon carriage and you still had the Pacific Carriage one on your website, but unfortunately it was sold. Still looking for a marathon carriage for 15 - 17 hand horses. Shipping would probably be prohibitive to British Columbia, so probably not feasible.

Sisters Creek Carriage Works

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Bernardo Canelas said...

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Bernardo Canelas said...

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