Friday, February 19, 2010

The All New Sprint

I love the sun this time of year. You can begin to feel the warmth that will soon be melting the big snow. Although it's still only February you can begin to feel that spring is not all that far off. On these bright sunny days I just want to be out soaking it up. A great February feeling.

So it was way back in January that I posted this shot of the new Sprint frame. Well we’ve been busting tail ever since on a number of different fronts and below are the first shots of the finished product.

We’ve been building the Sprint for about five years now and it was time for a little update. I think we accomplished a lot with the new design. It’s really stylish, stronger and a little bit lighter to boot.

Like always the seat is easy to adjust with the pull of a lever. The balance is also adjustable at the axle and the height can be adjusted at the main frame.

The finish is powder coat over our steel frame. This cart is wearing the optional red wheels which are a new feature this go round.

The shafts are removable for storage or transportation. That tends to be one of the first questions we are asked about this carriage.

We have Sprints in production as we speak. We have a couple available for immediate delivery and will have many more ready to roll in March. You will find it to be a great cart for training and pleasure driving. There are numerous options available and I’m happy to tell you all about it.

Just polished off a tasty breakfast. Cheryl whipped up an egg scramble with some aged cheddar then smothered in her famous black bean salsa with our favorite a fresh cilantro garnish. We are finding that we like cilantro with just about everything. Top it off with a good strong cup (or 10) of coffee and I am set to run.

Have a great Friday!