Friday, August 20, 2010

Do the Times Compare?

It was a time of big changes. The photo is not dated but it probably dates around 1920. Some old car buffs ought to be able to date this one for me. The card is titled Sentinel - Autos at Columbus Wis. At this point the automobile has been solidly cemented as the preferred form of transportation. But it wasn’t too many years prior that photo would have been a street full of buggies.

The automobile was a huge mechanical advancement for the average American at that time. Such changes they were witnessing to go from the horse and buggy to a self propelled vehicle. The Wright’s had flown their airplane. What a marvel. Are we in the midst of similar times? It certainly seems that way. There are many difficult transitions taking place today much like the challenges that faced manufacturers at this time. But it lead to a better life for most families. Some my argue that but most agree for American’s easy travel meant easy street.

So work on the Portland Door Cutter continues. After the new body panels were in place everything was trimmed and fitted. The new door openings needed to be cut to fit the existing doors which is really kind of touchy. There are a number of compound angles and curves going on so it can be a challenge to get a good fit.

The body was then primed in our urethane sanding primer. After priming the body goes through a sanding with 220 before heading back to the booth for the final coats of primer.

This photo shows the body after the final sanding ready for paint. The body has been wet sanded with 320 then 600 grit papers. The body is now very smooth, level and ready for a fresh coat of black paint.

The doors are ready for paint as well.

The runners and the springs were painted today. The original sleigh was painted deep maroon on the runners with black paint on the body. All striping was fine line gold so we are matching all the original details. By the next time you see this sleigh the body will be in paint and we will be ready to begin striping.

Have a great Weekend!