Monday, June 15, 2009

Sporting Phaeton Phacelift

What a nice weekend it was in Wisconsin. Warm temperatures, sunny skies for the most part, just a great summer weekend. I am ready for more of those. Especially next weekend for the Columbus Carriage Classic. We hope you are planning to attend.

Over the weekend one of our local area drivers decided it was time to retire their Phaeton. They have successfully shown their Friesians in this pretty carriage for years but it is beginning to show it’s age. They traded this carriage in on a new Lessing Show Phaeton and are looking forward to that debut this coming weekend in Columbus.

The Sporting Phaeton is really quite nicely built and well designed. It is a modern vehicle and I would guess it to be 10 -15 years old. It has held up well over the years but the paint is getting pretty shabby for the show ring.

The upholstery was done in a wool broadcloth and has held up very well. We are intending to leave the upholstery as is and replace the floor mat.

The wheels are about the worst. After years on the show circuit they are scratched, chipped and peeling in many areas. The shafts are looking pretty tough too. So new paint and trim is in order for those.

The chassis is in about the same shape. Nicks, dings and chips in a number of spots. The dash and rear deck lid have remained in very nice condition over the years so we will be able to reinstall those parts without restoration.

So watch us renew this vehicle and bring it back to life. I’m thinking it should happen over the next 2 -3 weeks and we will post progress as we go. This carriage has nice attractive lines and I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks in new paint.

Have a great day.


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