Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sporting Phaeton Work Progressing

This is the big set-up week for the Columbus Carriage Classic. The tents arrive tomorrow morning with stalls coming in later in the afternoon. We will begin work on setting up the show ring tomorrow morning as well. In a few days the Columbus Fireman’s Park will begin filling up with competitors. The pressure is on…

The guys are working away on the Sporting Phaeton project. We are kind of hoping to move that project through the shop in fairly short order so we can keep progress moving on some other projects as well. We begin this job with removal of the body. It’s a light body with four bolts keeping it in place so not too tough.

The chassis will need to be completely sanded prior to our primer coats. Being that this carriage has never been repainted the original paint will work as a nice base to build from. Be it a little on the thin side the original paint was level and well done so I think we can accomplish quite a bit with one coat of primer.

The striping is thin so we can lightly sand it rather than remove it completely. Often paint stripes can be laid on thick enough that they will shadow through if they are not removed. I don’t think that will be the case here. Our primer coat and final sanding will make them go away.

Brandon works on the first of the wheels. There is a fair amount of peeling and loose paint around the hubs so getting those loose areas removed is where we start. Then like the chassis the wheels need to be sanded prior to the primer coat.

The shafts have had the trim removed and have been sanded. They are ready for primer. I would expect us to get the shafts and the four wheels in primer this week. The chassis and the body will probably not hit that stage until next. We will keep you posted.

Have a great day.



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