Monday, November 9, 2009

Autumn Is Finally Here

What a super weekend in Wisconsin. We are finally seeing the weather that we should have been getting in September and October. I’ll take it now. I spent the weekend with some friends in northern Wisconsin and had a spectacular time. Weather was perfect, food was outstanding and of course the friends are the best.

Ryanne has been busy working on the upholstery of the Albany sleigh. It is progressing nicely and here is how it looked as I left on Friday. It is being done in a traditional wool mohair in a tan color.

In this photo the piping is being installed around the perimeter of the seat back. This is the transition where the larger roll around the top of the seat begins.

The roll is being installed. It tapers as it runs around the perimeter of the body. If you look closely it is narrower at the front edge of the seat and grows wider to the center of the back.

Moving on to the Show Gig we have that set together one more time. The body is ready for second coat primer and the shaft framing is nearing completion. I still have some steps to make and that will be ready for first coat primer. Wheels are all set for paint.

Bob continues work on the Brewster Tub Cart. Here we have a close up shot of the back door. This is the original monogram. This monogram will be recreated after the door has been stripped and refinished.

The body has been completely stripped and sanded. It is now ready for stain and finish. I guess it will be sitting for a week while Bob is out chasing Bambi through the woods.

I am really happy to be seeing some nice weather this week. We have one more outdoor painting project to complete and it appears we will have perfect weather. I’ll post some photos of that project tomorrow.


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