Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dashing Through The Snow

Sleighs. We have sleighs. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, round ones. From original condition to fabulous restorations we have a great selection ready for winter. Many of our clients for cutters and sleighs place them inside of their homes. Seems like just about every year I end up taking one or two out to Colorado (hint, hint, anyone out there?) for a ski condo. Sleighs are works of art. When you consider the artistic workmanship in the design and construction of the body to the elegant paint and striping they are historic sculpture in the truest form.

But first check out this fascinating video. It is a c.1932 Swedish silent documentary featuring a traditional wheelwright building a wheel. Thanks to our friend Micheal McEvoy who happened to stop by the showroom the other day and pass this video along to us. It is about fifteen minutes so grab some popcorn and relax. If you have ever wondered how wooden wheels are constructed here is your chance to see it done the old fashioned way. I’m wondering if this was not the work of a budding child prodigy film maker by the name of Tim Maloy?

This awesome Swell Body Cutter is restored and ready to go. I love the colors on this sleigh. Yellow is not always the first color one may select for a vehicle of this type but I love it. The body has beautiful design, professional restoration, used maybe once or twice but no worse for the wear. It’s a cutie and priced at $7,495. No wait! I’ll let it go for $6,900.

A stunning Park Bobsleigh in nice original condition. This would be a good conservation prospect as the paint appears to be original and very intact. The upholstery could stand to be replaced but do it in a nice subtle wool broadcloth and it will look like it’s been there forever. Check out the stylish ironwork and sculpted lines of the body. It has shafts and is priced at $7,995.

This one just showed up. A solid Portland Cutter with nice upholstery. A little elbow grease and this spring cutter would snap back to life in a weekend. Could use a fresh coat of paint to dress it up a bit. Would make a nice decoration for the holidays or a comfortable ride either way. Does not have a pole or shafts but a great buy at $895.

This is a Kimball Bros. Boston, Portland Cutter. Have you run across those driving experts blogging about how great Kimball Carriages are? This is why. Spectacular lines. Unique design. Beautiful trim. All combined with the highest quality workmanship. This is one killer sleigh. It just rolled out of our restoration shop a couple of months ago and sells complete with shafts for $9,995. Go ahead, click on this one to enlarge the photo.

A classic in the truest form. This elegant Park Bob is completely restored and ready for winter. Built by Edward McGraw, Valley Falls, NY sporting nice early American lines. Painstakingly restored in three colors to highlight the spindle work on the seats. We have a set of large horse size shafts that are restored and go along but this sleigh could be fitted for a pole as well. Was $18,995 but it can be yours for $16,500.

I saved a rarity for last. A Tandem Sleigh by H.H. Babcock, Watertown, NY. It was restored a few years back but still in very tight condition. Nice red paint, wicker dash panels and grey mohair upholstery. The rear seat is reversible and the tailgate drops as a footrest. Sells with shafts for $10,995 but buy it before January and we will take $1,000 off that price.

Cheryl and I have been stuck on a painting project that we have been trying to get at for months now. It’s a great little storefront in downtown Columbus. We figured this was going to be our last shot at good weather before winter so it’s been a go. We spent the last three days up in the lift working the high spots and as of tonight we are just down to the lower areas. It’s turning out great and we will probably be close to complete by tomorrow night.

Woo Hoo! Chocolate Chips! Ok now I’m going to be sick.

Have a great Friday!



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