Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snapshots of History

Being in my business I’m often thinking about people. Not just the carriages but the people that rode along. It was not all that long ago that the carriages we restore were transportation for someone. One hundred years ago or so. To put it into perspective The Brady Bunch first aired on September, 26th, 1969. Just over 40 years ago. Seems like yesterday.

Another snapshot in time. Downtown Columbus on a busy day. Notice the diagonal parking. Who are all of these people and what are they doing? How do they relate to the Columbus of today? All of this bustle. People coming and going and what is thier story today. Who knows. It’s a snapshot of time in the busy life of a small town.

Our Brewster Sleigh project continues to move forward. Bob sprayed primer on the runners today so that portion is continuing to move along.

The body is removed but it is yet to be stripped. As slow as that process was on the dash I have a hunch that the boy’s are not too excited about that part.

All of the iron parts have been blasted and primed as of this morning as well. This primer coat will fill in any voids and pits in the metal parts and once sanded it will be ready for a shiny coat of paint.

The Brewster Tub Cart also moves closer to the door. The shafts have been installed and now Dale is getting the axle and springs ready to mount.

The rear door is installed but one of our problems is having only half of a latch. We have the one portion installed but I’m not sure what we will be doing about the rest at this point. Being that it is completely unique we will probably be making up a custom part for the door portion of the latch.

Have a great Tuesday!


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