Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanks Tiger

Good thing for Tiger Woods. Had it not been for him we would still be up to our ears in the John and Kate separation story. It’s really a good thing that famous people are constantly splitting up and getting into trouble so the top news stories can rotate a little bit. I would assume there might be a few other things happening on the plant but a person wouldn’t know about it by watching the news.

Yesterday the shop crew started restoration of an early Brewster Four Passenger Sleigh. It is classic Brewster through and through. Brewster sleighs tend to be very unique and always seem to look like they are going fast. Bob started on the project yesterday so we will have some progress photos over the next few days.

Another project going through the shop right now is the Brewster Tub Cart Restoration. This is a natural finish vehicle. It has been a long time since we have not painted a carriage so this is a fun change of pace. Here you can see the wheels. They are stripped, sanded and ready for the rubber tire installation.

The seat backs and fenders have been stripped, stained and cleared first coat. They are now fine sanded and ready for finish coat. We used a medium walnut stain which has a warm vintage appearance, nice on a vehicle of this type.

The body is done and ready for assembly. As the iron frame parts are finished they will be mounted and the body will head in for upholstery. Ryanne has started the loose cushions and the body will be ready for upholstery next week. Click photo for a closer look.

In this photo you can see the serial number 25782. In a quick search of the Brewster records the carriage was ordered April 27th, 1908 by a John J. Pratt. Brewster referred to the vehicle as a Cart, French Two Wheel. This number was stamped on the body just under the seat cushion which is a typical location.

The really cool thing about Brewster carriages is that every part is stamped with the serial number. Here we are looking at a body spring mount also stamped 25782. On the metal parts the numbers are stamped in areas that are covered after assembly. In the background you can see a few of the numerous chassis parts currently hanging in the booth. Dale shot the base coat black yesterday afternoon and is shooting clear this morning.

Big snow in southern Wisconsin last evening. It just missed us which is just ducky in my book. I’m still not ready to shovel. Maybe by March I’ll be more prepared.

Have a great Friday!



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