Friday, October 30, 2009

Go Ahead Watch It One More Time

I know a number of you have probably seen this video but I never seem to get tired of watching it. I think it is the best of the driving videos by Tim Maloy. Good selection of music, action and well edited. It is a great way to promote the sport of driving.

Beekbergen - Apeldoorn 09 from Tim Maloy on Vimeo.

So big breaking news here folks. Tim gave me a list of new projects. He promised me that no one on the face of this earth with have access to them before me. So just keep it right here. That way you won’t miss a thing. Here you have it.

“Our plans for next year include another coaching run with the Bowman’s (Ireland, Scotland who knows!!) The Para Carriage Driving World Championships are being held here next August. I am a supporter of the British team and will be involved with training and planning. Then we will be making a six part series in Golega, Portugal featuring Lucitanos. We may even get over to the Calgary Stampede!!”

Sounds like filming has come to an end for this year as the season came to an end. I might mention these are available on DVD and the make great Christmas gifts so keep that in mind for your favorite driver.

I’m going to post updates on a couple of projects in the works. It’s been a while since I have posted on the Kimball Brougham. Progress continues on that project. Dale sprayed the Brewster green on the body this week. So the black and the green have been based and cleared. Now the entire body is ready be sanded and cleared one more time.

Here is a portion of the fifth wheel that is currently hanging in the booth. It was shot with base this morning. As you can see it does not have much shine to it. The base is basically color and nothing else. It goes on fairly thin and the clear is what brings out the shine and depth.

As you can see the body has a pretty good shine already. There is quite a bit of clear on the body but once it is sanded and cleared again it really builds the depth that we like to see on a body like this.

Bob finished up the seat valance on the Show Gig yesterday. It really turned out nice. Just like the old pattern that we had in storage. The body was also sanded this morning to level the sealer and take off the shine. So now this part is ready for primer. Our client has chosen to go with deep maroon and black which will look very sharp on this body.

I am in the middle of re-ironing the shafts. When we had the cart assembled we had the irons tacked together and installed temporarily just for fitting. Now we weld everything and bolt them on solid to the wood shafts. There will be an “L” on the end at the rear cross brace and a “T” on the front cross brace.

This shows the front spring mount. We bend the shape of the curve from solid rod. Create the “U” shaped mounting bracket and weld it all together. Takes a lot of welding and grinding but that’s the only way to make it look traditional.

My friend Pete brought another one of Tim Maloy’s projects to my attention. Were is a link to that one. This is a fairly long one so grab some popcorn.

Watch the first part closely as the groom goes flying off the back of the carriage. Who said carriage driving wasn’t a contact sport? Sure looks to me like that dude made some serious contact with a tree or something.

Ryanne is just starting upholstery on the Albany project with the Spaniel. Watch for some updates on that one next week.

Have a Scary Halloween!


Kim Bates said...

I want to see you dressed up for Halloween as a Goth.....

Todd said...

That might need to wait until next year now unless of course I decide to just live that way.


michelleblackler said...

Fantastic, Todd! Thanks for bring Tim to our attention.

That Brougham IS shiny! Great work. You're an artist and a gentleman.