Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Wisconsin has been the rain forest for the last month or so now. Just kind of cruddy weather in general, cold, wet, windy. Good flu weather me thinks. Which reminds me. There was a photo in the Milwaukee Journal last week of people waiting in line to get their flu shot. Apparently there was no room to wait inside the school so people stood outside in 40 degree temps, in the rain, with a 15 to 20 mile an hour wind. Some folks waited outside in that stuff for up to three hours for their flu shot. Does that make sense to you?

Ooooh! I got the big scoop from Tim Maloy on what he is working on. I have a nice little list of driving video work coming down the pike. I’ll share that with you later in the week along with another video brought to my attention by my friend Pete. Tim is filming something in the mud right now. He said "don’t ask" so I’m guessing it’s probably footage for the PBMW which stands for Professional British Mud Wrestling.

We are busy this week working on a Show Gig for a client with a Friesian. It is currently in the construction phase which will wrap up this week. The body is being built in traditional style somewhat on the order of a Stanhope Gig. Here we are fitting the steel frame to the wood body.

The steel frame not only reinforces the body but also goes up the angle of the toe board to support the front of the body. Here I have tacked the frame for fitting and it is ready to weld.

With the frame installed Bob is moving ahead to install the floor on the toe board.

Here we have set the body on the frame for the first time. These bodies always look a little funny without the seat and the dash but that will come later in the week. We will be setting up for fenders and lamps as well so all of that will eat up a lot of what looks like empty space.

The frame is a traditional three spring platform suspension put to gooseneck shafts.

This type of suspension provides for a great ride. It is very comfortable because with springs in each direction the axle can move freely to absorb shock. The rear spring will be mounted to a larger block than the temporary set up shown which will elevate the cart a bit more. As shown the vehicle is not quite up to our projected height.

Watch for more on this project tomorrow as we will be on it the rest of the week. Stay dry…

Have a week!


Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonder to view this site! I will go over it time and time again. The video on the wheel making was a splendor to watch and I can't wait for my husband to see it when he gets home. He is a cabinet maker and trim man in carpentry and loves working with wood. My grand father built homes and gave us his old Victor foot-pedal scroll saw which we still use. Your site is a joy to see and hope you post updates in the future. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

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