Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Sprint SP2

The new SP2 made it’s debut this summer and we are very pleased with the results. The cart has served our customers well over the years but it was time for an update. The Sprint SP2 and the CX2 are our best selling vehicles. The CX2 shares the same frame and they are now available as well.

SP2 is short for Sprint Pleasure 2 Wheel Cart. It is designed to be durable, practical and have amenities that people are looking for in a modern vehicle. That being said we have so many customers that like the look of a traditional wood carriage that we have created the SP2 to fill that need. The new frame is 1.5” diameter steel tube bent to create the form of the body.

All Sprint carts are fitted with spring assisted shock absorbing suspension. The cart is adjustable in height quickly and easily by changing the location of the top shock mount.

This particular cart was fitted with some options like the wood shafts. The shafts on the base model cart are 1.5” diameter steel tube rather than the wood. The wood shafts are fastened to a steel frame and are easily removed. This cart also features the following options tufted seats, spares box, walnut stain color and patine shaft trim.

All Sprint carts are equipped with an adjustable seat. With the pull of a lever the seat adjusts forward and back for driver comfort.

All steel components on our Sprint carts are powder coat finished. The wood parts are sanded and clear finished using a two step process resulting in a smooth high gloss shine.

The SP2 is available in pony thru draft sizes. We have a number of other options and configurations for the Sprints which you can see at We are busy filling orders for Sprint carts year around and normally have in stock units available. You can clink on any photo to see an enlarged view.



michelleblackler said...

This is a wonderful, multipurpose vehicle. So, so, so many times I've wished I could grow or shrink my vehicle or adjust the seat. Well done, Todd, this is a dream come true.

Cara said...

Looks nice! Adjustable seat looks easy. I'll keep this in mind for sure!

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