Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Day Sunshine

It is beautiful in Wisconsin today. The ground is a completely saturated but the sun is out and the temperatures are beautiful for this time of year. Our area farmers are having big trouble trying to get their crops out of the fields. It was a cool summer so the growing season was short to begin with. Now they can’t get in the fields for harvest. I hope things dry out soon for their sake.

I’m sitting here writing my blog with a bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips in front of me. Life gets no better than that. The projects for the morning were the dash and seat frame for the Show Gig project. Here we have the metal framework for the dash cut and ready to weld.

Bob is finishing up some of the woodworking on the body. He just installed the chamfer panel on the rear of the body and the base board for the seat itself.

Meanwhile back at the ranch I’ve welded up the dash frame and have it drilled for the rein rail. Next I’ll grind off the welds and it will be ready to mount on the body.

The seat frame is a traditional steel rail framework which will support a nice comfortable seat back. I just finished up bending the outer rails. I’m lining them up so they can be welded to the uprights which will support the back cushion as well.

So here we are. Dash installed and seat rail just about complete. I need to weld the front support tabs on the seat frame and it’s ready to install as well.

The majority of the woodwork on the body is complete. We have a couple of odds and ends on the front end to finish and the body will be ready for sealer. That will happen later in the week after the chassis is complete. We normally finish all construction work in entirety before we begin any finishing of any components. Still a fair amount of ironwork to complete by the end of the week. Body mounts, lamp brackets, fender brackets and steps so the week will be full.

Whoa. Chocolate chip overload. Ugghh. Maybe I need to lay down…

Have a great day!

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