Monday, October 12, 2009

The Goal

We need to set goals in our business. Our projects are so labor intensive that if we don’t have a carrot hanging out there one can tire of sanding primer before we are done. The project at hand today is an Albany Cutter restoration.

The goal is making it look like the one in this photograph. We restored this sleigh about six or seven years ago. It was a beautiful combination of colors, fabric and striping. Our current project is going to be similar but we will be changing the shades a bit. We will be going with a bit brighter blue. The maroon will be similar but we will be switching out to blue mohair upholstery.

The dash on this project was junk. The victim of a horse chomp. Bob installed the dash late last week and cut it to shape today.

The existing dash supports were in good shape. One was a little higher than the other but we were able to correct that as we did the dash. It is ready for hard coat sealer then primer.

When we replace a dash we like to get the body into shape before we put the dash back on. It is much easier to work on the body with the dash off. There are some areas in the front corners of the body that are obstructed by the lower portions of the dash.

The runners are in first coat primer and just about ready for a second. Brandon should polish that project off today.

The metal runner braces have been painted. We like to paint those parts black as it gives a nice contrast with the runners. So they were painted on Friday and are ready to install as soon as the runner frame is painted.

Stay warm. It appears winter has arrived in Wisconsin. We have been below normal in the temperature department for the last couple of weeks now. You should have seen in snow on Saturday. I’m so not ready for this…

Have a great day!



michelleblackler said...

You are the one blogging about sleighs!

Kim Bates said...

Horses like to nibble on sleighs? hmmmmm
Can't wait to see this one finished!

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