Friday, January 22, 2010

The Big Red Grand Finale

Big night for Conan Obrien. His final night as the host of the Tonight Show. Not that I would be the first person NBC should call but I could never quite figure that one out anyway. I guess he has a loyal fan base. Sometimes funny but I just don’t see him in that slot. Believe it or not, he’s a little too weird for me most of the time. I will be watching his show tonight though just for kicks.

I managed to wrap up the construction of the Show Gig this morning. Last night I spent the evening polishing off the metal fabrication and the steps. Here we have the right step fitted, welds ground and all ready for a coat of primer.

Now I’m all done with the chassis. I’m ready to fit the body. We’ve set the body between the shafts but the actual body mounts were not there to make the connection.

We have four of these body mounts coming off the chassis. I’m ready to set the body and drill the holes for the bolts that will hold it in place.

Everything fit very well and the body is bolted in place. I jump up to check the balance which is just right. This carriage has long side springs which are nice and comfy when I jump up and down. It’s going to be a nice ride.

The body comes back off and the shafts head into the booth for the first coat of primer. Dale had a few odds and ends to finish up for me then two heavy coats of black primer. This will be sanded with 220 grit before it returns for a second coat.

It’s pretty easy to see how heavy the primer is when you see it up close. The first coat will fill most of the grain in the wood. What this coat doesn’t catch the next one will.

Sounds like it’s going to be a warm Saturday but the cool down begins on Sunday. I’ve really been digging this warmer weather. It’s been a nice break from winter and made the first half of January move along pretty quickly.

Have a great weekend! See you again on Monday.


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