Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Emperor Has New Shoes

So does anyone else have the crud that won’t quit? Jeez. Enough coughing already.

Check out this video. It’s actually a backdrop for a music video for a French band called Air. I’m kind of digging the music by Air but the video is pretty entertaining as well. Taken from the front seat of a street car in San Francisco in 1906. Horses, carriages, wagons, bikes, cars and street cars all moving on the same space. It’s fairly long but a good look back at history.

So do you think I needed new work shoes? You know if it was summer I think I could have gotten a couple more months out of them as the other one is fairing a little better. The snow tends to be a bit of a problem.

I’m thinking my new shoes are so cool that I should be preserving them for social activities rather than work. Let‘s see, sort of forgot what social activities are. Where is that duct tape anyway? Maybe I can patch up the old pair and get by just a little longer.

Yesterday I worked on fender brackets for our Show Gig project. We need to fasten to the under side of the seat, bump down and around the seat valance and then up high enough to clear the wheel. Here I have the shape bent for half of a bracket set.

The part coming off the body is ½” rod. We need to fasten the fender to that rod so we extend a portion of 1” x ¼” flat with mounting holes.

Once the fender brackets are bent they need to be connected to the body. To accomplish this I used a 1 ¼” plate with a couple of holes to bolt to the seat frame itself.

And here we are. One left and one right side bracket fabricated and ready to mount. Bob is in the process of mounting the fenders to the bracket and then they head in for primer. Today I’m constructing the body mount brackets that fasten the body to the shaft frame. Then the rear spring mount bracket. With any luck and limited interruptions we might have some steps today too.

Have a great Tuesday. I’m off for breakfast with the guys. Maybe I’ll wear my new shoes…



Grinder said...

Any word from that period movie in Milwaukee?

Toddersville said...

I think it's over and done with. As far as the carriages go they found a local guy which was just fine with me. I can't even remember the name of it. As far as I know it went through filming.

willager said...

Good to see you back, Unfortunately, I think I caught whatever you had. Does that make it an internet virus? Wife says no driving till it's over so I hope it doesn't last too long. Would hate to have to break in a new wife.
Pete in GA

Toddersville said...

I think I caught it from a wii but I bet it could travel over the internet too. Be prepared. It's really stuborn.

Anonymous said...

Amazing... try to find someone in the video that is not wearing a hat!!