Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blogger’s Block 2010

I’m running out of good material. I need to start living a more exciting life so I have some new material for my monologue. Have not been anywhere in ages. I used to be on the road all the time. Out for dinner? No, can’t say as we have. Exciting new activity? No. I guess I need to work on that.

This was our final building project of 2009. We finished it in November which was really pushing the season. We have this little building on Dickason Boulevard just down the street from our showroom. It was in pretty sorry need of a fresh coat of paint. We painted it about 5 or 6 years ago but this building is allergic to its skin. It just keeps peeling. It has many coats of paint but the original first coat has no interest in remaining on the building. So it’s a never ending paint job until all of that original paint finally peels off. Now it really did turn out nice. Cheryl picked great colors and is a meticulous trimmer. Good for another five years.

The Gig chassis made it through its first sanding. Brandon has it ready for the next coat of primer which will happen tomorrow morning.

This is the appearance of the primer after sanding. We use a block to sand so we level as we fill the grain of the wood. Looks to me the grain filled nice this go round so one more coat will do the trick.

The body is ready for a second coat of primer as well. The seat rail has been fabricated and primed. This portion is ready to be painted black. Once the rail has been painted the seat back can be upholstered. We are going with a medium tan wool fabric with black piping and buttons. Tradition in style and elegant in appearance.

The fab shop has a number of things going on one of which is a run of Sprint Cart frames. Here is our first frame of that run. Some of this is the frame jig and some of it is the frame itself. In this shot the main frame is tacked but there are still a number of additional parts to add before it’s a complete frame. In late 2009 we completely redesigned the Sprint frame into a more streamlined, lighter and stronger unit. It looks very nice and performs beautifully.

I don’t know. I can’t think of anything good to say here either. Oh well.

Have a great Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

I would appreciate more comments on the carriage restorations, i.e. can you be more specific on what materials you use to paint or prime the parts, etc.

michelleblackler said...

You may think it's boring, but I assure you, the restoration projects are like watching evolution. It is interesting.

Keep up the good work!

Toddersville said...

Sorry. I can't give away ALL my secrets...

Anonymous said...

Top site, I hadn't noticed americancarriagebuilder.blogspot.com before during my searches!
Carry on the good work!