Monday, January 25, 2010

Jack Frost is Not Dead

Well unfortunately the Vikings lost their game against the Saints on Sunday. I was actually hoping they would pull it off and in reality they should have. But of course Brett threw a pick at the worst possible time to kill the winning drive. Jeez, who would have ever seen that coming? Certainly not a Packer fan. The Vikings played really good football and certainly well enough as a team to win. A classic case of Brett trying to be a hero instead of taking the few yards he had and setting up the field goal. Just when you had me cheering for the Vikings too…

I don’t think I've ever shared this photo on my blog. I think it just might be one of my all time favorite photos of Columbus. Click on it to enlarge. It was taken by my buddy Rod Melotte back in December of 2009 when we had like four feet of snow. So wintry and festive all at the same time. Get ready. Sounds like winter is ready to return.

Dale was laying stripes on the wheels of the Show Gig today. The stripe is gold, predominant color is deep maroon and all trimmed in black.

The chassis is in first coat primer and in the midst of the first sanding. Here the bottom side is being sanded with 220. Should be getting close to ready for second coat primer by the end of the day tomorrow.

This is the axle and suspension. It is in final coat primer and being sanded with 320 just before paint. This portion and a few other parts will be ready for paint tomorrow.

Back in the fabrication shop we are in the early stages of a batch of ten Sprint Cart frames. The main tube frames have been bent and cut to shape. From here the spring and seat mounts are attached and then on to the main frame jig. We should have this batch of frames fabricated in a week or so and ready for powder coat finish. We will have a nice selection of Sprints available for early spring delivery so place your order today.

I used to love working on my car. I have a pretty good mechanical mind and given enough time I can figure out just about anything. That being said it’s been years since I’ve really messed around with our car. Just seem to be too busy. Well the car needed front brake pads. I can do that. Well it actually went pretty well. Front disc brakes have not really changed much in the last ten years. Only thing I really noticed was how light the car is built. Used to have this big ass frame to put the jack under. Not any more. I wasn’t quite sure where to pick the thing up. Wonder why the doors won’t open? That’s weird.

Have a great Tuesday!



michelleblackler said...

Carriage restoration, carriage building, blogger guy, car mechanic, do you do your own website, too?

My truck needs new front brakes, but as Harold says, "Anyone who can't drive without brakes, isn't capable of forward planning."

Any website tips you have for me will be appreciated with worship.

Toddersville said...

Hey Michelle - Well I own my website but it's actually an antique. I'm thinking it's well over 10 years old. I didn't create it myself but I do have the ability to change out photos and info on my own and stay within the format. I see you are diving into Dreamweaver. Wow, that's pretty serious stuff. I need to do something too but I think I might try a template first and see how that goes. I've seen some self created sites that people have told me are templates. I was really impressed. Anybody have any suggestions?

John R., K.O.P. said...

Todd, yes, I have a suggestion. Save yourself the headache and hire a pro to build you something nice :)

Just not me.

PS: How's 152 1/2 holding up?

Toddersville said...

Yes John that's probably a good point. If not you than who? 152 is holding up just fine. Lower is empty but upper is full. Do you need it back?