Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daily Breakfast Menu

Toast Jelly and Cheese. Now don’t ask me why I’m on this breakfast kick but I am. That is really one of my all time favorite everyday breakfasts. We have some nice homemade-ish cherry preserves. Extra sharp cheddar and a grainy toast. Tough to beat for breakfast or an afternoon coffee break.

Ryanne started on the Show Gig upholstery this week. At this point she is working through the flat cushion. The back will be next once the seat frame is painted black. As you can see we are going with a really attractive medium tan wool broadcloth. It is trimmed with black piping and lots of buttons. I really like that look and it was traditional to see that treatment on antique carriages.

The chassis went into final coat primer yesterday and today Brandon worked on final sanding. He is coming along pretty good and looks to be almost done. Once he finishes up sanding this portion will be ready to paint.

Here you can see how the final sanding looks up close. As you can see we don’t go through the primer this time. If you look back to the first sanding you will notice sanding through the primer in numerous areas as we block sand which levels the primer and surface.

Here are the beginnings of the parts that are ready to paint. I think Dale said he will be shooting some of those parts tomorrow.

Back in the fab shop we have the first Sprint cart frame together. This is our new design and we still have a few welding jig modifications to update. It’s a great looking frame and I’m confident will continue to be a hot selling vehicle.

Busy day today. It has been very busy for January. Today was one of those days that fly by with numerous customers, phone calls and work to accomplish in the shop. It’s been hectic most of the month. It is great to be busy and I’m optimistic that is a sign of good things to come in the new year.

Have a great Friday!



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