Saturday, May 2, 2009

Step by Step

First of all there is one thing that never seems to end here and that is sanding. Wheels in particular never seem to go out of style and this morning Bob is working away on preparing some new flush hub wood wheels for finish. This pair is for a Sprint SP2 which you can find on our website at

I’m tackling the steps for the new Skeleton Gig this morning. I want a very traditional looking Gig style step so we begin with a long sweeping drop to go from the shaft to the step plate. The upper mounting brackets will sandwich the shaft between two layers of steel.

With the first one roughed into shape we test fit. It looks attractive and I have accomplished that traditional look I was after. We want to add a lateral shaft brace for additional strength and we will be ready to start grinding off weld.

Both steps completed and ready for installation. Something as simple as a pair of steps can become a fairly complicated project. Creating the look of an authentic antique part takes time both in the design portion as well as the finish.

I was laying on the floor in this next shot. Sometimes it happens. Working away and three days later I wake up staring at the bottom of a carriage. This detail shows the front body support. I wanted the body to be easily removed for finish which brought me to using two short pieces of heavy wall tube and a ½” bolt connector. It works well.

I think spring may finally be here. Sunny and 60’s for the weekend in Wisconsin. If you are on a road trip over the weekend please stop by for a visit. Our showroom in little old Downtown Columbus Wisconsin is open Saturday 10-4. We are normally closed on Sundays but if you are planning to be in the area please let me know. I would be happy to show you around.



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