Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cuckoo For This Clock

Over the years born collectors tend to drag a few too many things home. I’m guilty as well but most of the time I have few regrets. This clock is certainly one of the all time favorites in my book. A promotional item that I would guess was given to dealers of their product.

The clock is completely original including the paint on the face and the finish on the outer box.

Parry Buggy Company was located in Indianapolis, IN. Parry began operations in 1882 building road carts and buckboard wagons. By 1888 they were setting production records of 1,000 carts and buggies per day. The factory was compiled of 19 buildings on a 20 acre site and by 1896 employed 2,800 people. At the decline of the carriage era Parry diversified into the automobile business then ultimately into trucks and truck bodies. Through a merger in 1919 they became known as Martin-Parry and continued to develop the truck body business. Martin-Parry was purchased by General Motors in 1930 for $900,000.

Parry advertised itself like many carriage manufacturers of the day as the largest in the world.

The face of the clock is original and has never been touched up or altered in any way which is way cool to me.

The back of the clock still has the original paper tag intact. The clock was made by the New Haven Clock Company of New Haven CT. It is referred to as the 8 Day Parry Striking Clock. The bottom of the tag lists directions for adjusting the clock if it runs fast or slow. Original key and pendulum are the icing on the cake. I’m lucky enough to have it hanging in my office and enjoy seeing it every day.

Have a great weekend.



John R. said...

She's a beauty. Twelve letters in the name, it was just begging to be promoted on a clock face. She'd really be a heart-melter if there were no roman numerals, and only the PERRYSBUGGIES letters going around the face. What time is it? Oh, let me see, looks like about Y:30. Real good. Thanks for the show-and-tell.

Toddersville said...

Is this Texconsin John R or a different John R?

Texconsin John. said...

Texconsin John, of course!

Toddersville said...

How are your two doing? Drop me an email sometime. I sent you one a while back but I'm not sure if I had the right address.

Toddersville said...

How are your two doing doesn't sound quite right. Didn't mean to get to personal.

How are you two doing?