Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Park Drag by Brewster

With the body removed from the coach it is easy to work on but needs to be portable. We frame up a metal dolly for this body. It is now portable and easily moved from shop to paint booth.

We are in the process of stripping the body. Getting the majority of the original paint and base coat off of the wood body is important for adhesion of the new finish. The removal of the paint is going well and we are pleased to find very solid body panels and no big surprises.

The rear boot door has been removed and is being stripped separately. The side doors will be removed shortly and be undergoing that process as well.

There was one body panel that was cracked. A pretty easy replacement on the front of the body so we pull it off and prepare it for replacement.

While we work on the body we are also cleaning metal parts. Here the lazy backs and seat rails have been removed and blasted. They will move to the primer phase from here.

The groom seat supports have been cleaned and prepared for primer. Also some steps and seat rails in the mix. On a large coach such as this there is a large quantity of parts. We devote separate areas for each project we have in the works. It makes the job go much smoother by staying organized.



Kim Bates said...

Wow! this is a huge job! Lots of detail- can't wait to see it finished! You do amazing work!

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