Friday, May 29, 2009

Brewster Coach Lamps Restored

One of the first things we dealt with when it came to the restoration of this Brewster Coach was the lamps. This pair of Brewster marked lamps are original to this coach which is a rarity in itself.

They were in really remarkable condition. We had a couple small dents to deal with but otherwise the bodies of both lamps where very solid and clean.

He hand strip the exterior of the lamps down to bare metal. We find no real surprises. Everything is solid, straight and original. The lamp on the right is showing one of the small dents that needed repair.

Before we go any further we completely clean and polish the interior silver. The interior of each lamp is in outstanding condition so fine polish and elbow grease is the tool of choice. Exterior brass bezels and exposed brass trim is polished at this point as well. Once cleaned all polished parts are masked and prepared for primer.

We now have the lamps in primer. This photo was taken during the final sanding of the second primer coat. Once we have both lamps sanded the masking tape will be removed and replaced with new prior to paint.

The freshly painted lamps are ready to install on the coach. Of course the coach is a long ways away from being ready for the lamps. So off to storage they go waiting for the bigger part of the project to catch up. Click on any photos to enlarge.

It looks like a great weekend coming up in Wisconsin. Our showroom is open today and Saturday from 10 until 4 so if you are looking for a little getaway come by for a visit.



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