Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kimball Mania

This sleigh is certainly in the running as one of the best Portland Sleighs of all time in my book. Built by Kimball Brothers, Boston, MA it’s wearing the original tag on the dash and original paper label under the seat.

The sleigh was in very solid condition when it arrived. Somewhere along the line the dash wing on the left was busted off and gone for good. There was some damage to the dash in that incident as well but that was the majority of the structural work that needed to take place.

Like most people in my boat we tend to work on our own projects last. This one took a while but it’s finally complete. Between customer work here and there we fill in with projects like this for the showroom.

We normally strip everything down to bare wood and start from scratch with a new build up of finish. Here we have the body stripped and ready to begin primer coats.

The shot above shows the runners in final coat primer. Ready for one more sanding session then paint.

Portland cutters more often than not had a curved dash. This one is the exception. I really like the flat paneled dash of this vehicle with the emphasis on the curled ironwork. Very nice details in my opinion.

The sleigh was finished in the original black and yellow color scheme with a fine yellow stripe to match all the original details. I took the liberty of using black on the runner irons rather than all solid yellow. This rare Kimball Sleigh is now available for purchase.

Have a great day.



John said...

T-Dubble, I like the new blog, man. The behind-the-scenes shots are cool, love seeing the action. I shoulda had you teach me how to weld like a master when I had the chance! Hope all is well back in the Motherland. We'll be back end of June-early July. Maybe some drinks are in order? How-deeeee!

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