Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sneak Peek at the New Sprint

We have been producing the line of Sprint two wheel carts for a number of years. The Sprint has proven itself as a versatile, durable, comfortable and user friendly carriage. We have expanded the line to three models over the years. I felt the time had come for an update.

The main design concepts of the cart are good so no major modifications in the overall design or the suspension system. The frame on the former Sprint is a 1.5” square steel tube with welded joints. One of my main goals in this redesign project is a more streamline appearance to the frame.

We have swapped out the square tube for round on the main frame. We have the ability to bend square tube but I really liked the look of the round tube better. It matches the round tube shaft frames and I like the clean look it offers.

A little fire wrangling shot for those of you that follow that type of thing. You know who you are.

The rear kick plates are ¼” sheet aluminum with a satin black powder coat finish. The floors will remain textured aluminum in satin black powder coat finish on the CX2. The floors of the SP2 will remain solid oak with a high gloss clear finish.

The suspension has been a reliable pair of spring assisted shocks on the first series of Sprint carts. We will maintain the same suspension on the new model.

One of the advantages to the Sprint line is the adjustability of the cart. A series of holes in the frame at the upper shock mount gives you the option of raising or lowering the cart to fit horses of varying height. The axle is also adjustable. This adjustment gives the user the ability to change the weight on the shafts by moving the axle forward or aft.

Watch this blog for updates on the new Sprint CX2 and Sprint SP2. We are currently taking orders for the new Sprint models for June delivery.



John R., K.O.P. said...

Nice fire-wrangling action! And glad to see that fashionable safety-wear is still a top KOP priority. Hail, brother Todd!

Nancy Dietrich said...

Wish I could trust my Percheron with one. How good are the brakes?

Toddersville said...

Hi Nancy

Well, they are about as good as the brakes on your Percheron. Most two wheel carts are pretty light and brakes will not make much of a difference if they want to go. That being said it is the ideal vehicle for every day training so a good way to work on stopping!


Toddersville said...

Much more fire wrangling action to come. Maybe I need to do a post on the lantern making and fire wrangling story...

Kim Bates said...

I like the sparkly picture...:o)