Monday, August 17, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

Hope you all had a great weekend. Kind of warm and muggy around these parts. So here is the follow up or the landing so to speak. This shot taken seconds after my all time favorite driving photo was shot. Posted of course last week on the world famous American Carriage Builder blog. The insiders say Michael was ready when he went into the bridge and it’s a good thing. It looks as though he was well braced and fortunately didn’t need the dash that his carriage doesn’t have anyway. Thanks for the entertainment…

Like I said last week we are getting back to work on the Whiskey Gig. The plan is to have this vehicle ready for the Villa Louis Carriage Classic coming up in three weeks.

Here is the last shot taken of the vehicle before it rolled into the shop to begin paintwork. I really like this vehicle so far. It has good lines and once in paint it will be quite striking. Vicki has selected a bright vermillion that will be accented in black. The stripe will be broad black and the upholstery a tan Bedford cord.

The shafts have gone into their first coat of primer. This first is normally a heavy coat that we often smear on to fill wood grain which is our ultimate goal of the first go round.

We chamfered the edges of the shafts with a 30 degree bevel. Nothing too ornate just a straight bevel which I think is very appropriate for a sporting vehicle of this type. All the fasteners holding the step plates in place have been filled for a traditional appearance.

The body has been hard coat sealed and is getting some last minute spot filling. After some final sanding this morning the body will go into the booth for first coat primer. The wheels and the balance of the suspension and axle will be next in line.

We went for a little drive yesterday. I’m not sure what it is about me when I get in a car but I just go. I can’t stop. I just need to cover ground. I seem to have this need to see the next town until it gets to the point that it’s 8:00 in the evening and we are 3 hours from home. So we spent the entire afternoon and evening sitting in the car. At least I had my chance to stop by the Caboose hot dog stand in the Dells on the way back for a Chicago dog. Something about those things they are just about as addicting as a McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger.

Have a great Monday.


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