Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning Fog

Monday morning fog can be taken a number of different ways. I guess I mean it in a literal sense today. I shot the photo below from our deck this morning. I even got my socks wet just to do this for you. Just more reassurance that summer is winding down and autumn is lurking in.

If you look closely you can see a llama in a roll hole in the pasture. They love this kind of weather. It has been a great summer for the llamas. Cool with green pastures all summer long. They managed to get through the summer keeping most of their head wool which is a rarity. Normally they rub their heads on the ground to knock off the mosquitoes and being so cool it was a non event.

Ryanne finished up the upholstery for the Mad Max Road Cart on Friday. It turned out just great. She has started on the upholstery for the Whiskey and we should have some photos of that later on in the week. So the wheels for Mad Max are repaired and ready to start paint work. They will go into primer later this week and I’m hoping to wrap up that vehicle by the end of next week.

The Kimball Brougham body continues to rest and relax. Life at the spa so to speak.

Bob started sanding on the doors. They are in first coat primer and are being sanded with 220 this go round.

We are now back down to maybe a half a million pieces. Dale has the front and rear chassis of the Kimball Brougham reassembled. All the parts have been primed and sanded before assembly so both of these components are ready for paint.

Time to get out and clear off the Monday morning fog.



michelleblackler said...


This is an utterly fantastic blog, thank you for sharing it. I have been thinking for some time that I should do a blog, and you have inspired me. I can only hope to achieve a fraction of your brilliance. Thanks again!

Toddersville said...


Thanks Michelle. I promise not to let that go to my head.

Uhm - let's see here,




"I can only hope to achieve a fraction of your brilliance."

Ok, anyhow it has been a lot of fun. There are more days than than just Monday that we have the brain fog going on though. When you feel creative write two blogs while you are at it just to have an extra...

Thanks so much. Looking forward to crossing paths in a couple weeks at Villa.

Best! T

michelleblackler said...

Back atcha! I am writing a second blog as we speak. Great minds and all...glad to be in that company with you!

Can't wait to see you and Cheryl at Villa. Bringing a new carriage driving client, very excited!

Toddersville said...

New driving clients are the best!