Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Extreme Blog Makeover

I spent the evening last night playing around with American Carriage Builder. It needed something. I wasn’t sure just what but it needed something. Oh, I don’t know, maybe our name, address and phone number for starters. For crying out loud. Sometimes it’s the most obvious things that you just don’t see. So I took care of that. Then added a few other new goodies along the left menu so go ahead and check it out.

Cheryl’s llamas are really enjoying these cool mornings. We can’t really get up in the morning and go for a run without her running back in to grab the camera. So she spends twenty minutes taking pictures while I’m plodding around the farm. I after my laps I head for the house and I hear “you can’t be done already!” This is now becoming the daily ritual.

We continue to push it hard on the Whiskey. It is really coming along. The shaft frame is in final coat primer and about half sanded. So a couple more hours on this part and it will be ready for color. Other than the step pads this entire frame will be vermillion.

I picked up a new tool today. It is a random orbit pneumatic detail sander. It came with a 2” diameter pad and a 3” diameter pad. I think I’ve purchased just about every detail sander known to man. They are all shoved in the back corner of a cupboard with the cords all tangled up. Someday you will be able to bid on choice at my estate sale. I think this one may be different. First of all it’s a for real tool rather than a do-it-yourselfer $19.95 special. It has a variable speed and really seems to work nicely at getting into those tight spots.

Brandon was using the it on some areas of the wheels and it appears to be doing a really nice job. It should save us a lot of time in some of the hard to reach places. Looks like a good investment so far. We are on the first sanding of the wheels and I would expect to see them going into second coat primer later today or Wednesday.

By the time you read this the body will be ready for paint. Bob has it just about done in this photo. He has a few areas to finish up on the bottom side and it’s ready to spray. The majority of the body will actually be black. The panel around the seat and the box under the seat will be vermillion but otherwise all black. Dale will start out shooting the entire body black with a base then clear. After that the body will be wet sanded and the vermillion base and clear applied. Wet sand the vermillion then clear the whole shebang. Should look like a million bucks.

Have a great Tuesday.



Cara said...

Ooh! New tools! That's how I get what I want around here. If it requires hubby to buy a new tool for himself, then it's OK. For my next 'want,' he's gonna hafta buy a winch for the truck.....that might be trickier.....

Toddersville said...

Cara, Piece of cake...

Create a need for him to have a winch. Then it's his idea and he'll run right out and get one!