Friday, August 21, 2009

Whiskey Sweet

BREAKING NEWS! Columbus made national news this morning. Watch the segment below. Hang in there it's toward the end.

I was planning to show you the Studebaker Sailor Wagon today but things are moving along pretty quickly on the Whiskey so I’m hitting that again today. Maybe we’ll see the Studebaker over the weekend. I pulled it out and managed to get a few photos of it the other day so it’s just kind of in waiting. The one little issue with the Studebaker is the rear wheels. Somewhere along the line they were replaced with a misfit pair. So we are in the middle of putting together a new set of wheels made to exactly match the fronts (they are original) which happen to have some unique features. The new wheels will be together in a month or so just in time for us to start in on the vehicle restoration.

No fun pictures today. Just work, work, work. The Whiskey body is nearing the completion of it first sanding. By the time you read this it will be in the booth getting a second coat of primer. I put together the seat cushion frames last night so Ryanne will begin on upholstery today. She has things pretty well put to bed on the Mad Max upholstery and I’ll try to sneak in a photo of that next week.

When we make the frames they need to be a little loose fitting. I like to leave about a quarter inch around the perimeter of the frame for fabric. By the time it is all said and done there are several layers of fabric lapping the perimeter of the wood frame eating away at that quarter inch. That will make for a nice snug fit.

About the only obstruction is the lazy back. I notched both the back side and the bottom of the wedge frame to accommodate those irons. I have also angled the back sides of the cushion frames to match the angle of the main seat frame itself. Once the seat is upholstered that space will be a nice snug fit all the way around with fabric.

The wheels made first coat primer yesterday. We will start in sanding them today. I hope to have at least one of them ready for second coat by the end of the day today.

These puppies really suck up the time. The hubs and spokes are all hand sanded. All those little nooks and crannies need to be done with little sanding blocks to keep things level and smooth. Unfortunately there are no real short cuts here. You are looking deep into the abyss of the worst part of our job…

The axle and spring frame is together and in primer. Dale is planning to paint this part along with the main shaft frame maybe Monday but probably more like Tuesday. I’m confident by the end of the day on Wednesday the wheels and the body will be ready for paint as well. Next week will be in living technocolor compared to the gray primer week we shared this time.

If by chance I don’t blog tomorrow just go ahead and have a great weekend anyway.


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