Monday, August 31, 2009

Something About That Big Lake

We love Lake Michigan. I like all the great lakes but Lake Michigan is the closest so I guess that’s probably why it’s my favorite. The view of that big water is just stunning along with the seagulls and lighthouses and all that goes along with the deal. It’s tough to beat. Spring seems a little slow to come around over by the lake but otherwise I think I could live with the cooler temperatures the rest of the summer.

Sheboygan is our favorite lake town these days. It has a strong arts community, some great restaurants and of course the lake. A perfect Sunday for us is a drive to Sheboygan for a cup of coffee at the Weather Center Café. Then a long walk along the lake shore which for us is about five miles. Finally wrap things up with dinner and a tall Belhaven at the Duke of Devon on the riverfront. The Duke of Devon is a little English pub with great food and outstanding beers on tap. Worth the trip. Unfortunately we didn’t make any of that happen this weekend.

The work on the Whiskey is progressing nicely. We will be finishing up that project this week. On friday Dale base colored, trimmed the black and cleared the wheels. They are now ready for striping.

The body is being wet sanded for the vermillion (I am only saying that word once in this blog) panels and the final coats of clear. We use 600 grit paper and block sand wet which keeps the sandpaper from plugging.

Here is a shot of the wheels after they have been shot with four coats of clear.

The black trim on the hub and the rim is painted on prior to the clear. You can see in this shot of the hub it all has a nice deep and consistent shine.

I am in the middle of building a run of Sprint Carts. I’ll take a few shots of those for the blog tomorrow. We are also finishing up the Brewster Park Phaeton this week. We have some upholstery to finish up, striping and a few other odds and ends so stay tuned.

Have a great day.


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