Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Remember Mad Max?

You might recall a post last month about the Mad Max Road Cart. It continues to move along the food chain getting riper and more plump for the picking. A few more weeks and Mad Max will be sitting in the showroom just waiting for someone to come along with a clunker to trade in. In the mean time leave it to Wisconsin to make news again. What is it about Wisconsin people anyway? So stop me if you heard about the four women from Stockbridge.

Apparently three of these four ladies discovered that they all had something in common. A man. It would appear that they joined forces in a little ambush dealio. One of them booked a hotel room and gave Mr. Juan a call to meet her there. So he walks in and finds his three gals accompanied by another woman just along for the ride. I'm betting lady number four is long since scorned by another smooth talker and happy to take revenge anywhere she can find it.

So they grab the guy and start super gluing junk together. The rest is history and soon to be sorted out in a courtroom near you. Wisconsin - Live like you mean it!

The guys at Colonial Carriage Central have been working away on Mad Max. We ended up using a maroon on the frame. It just seemed to be the perfect color for this vehicle. Especially since we had a half gallon left over from the show phaeton project. Sometimes that is how colors are chosen. I bet it worked that way 100 years ago too so cut me a little slack.

The body and the seat are black. We will probably be going with tan upholstery. Maybe in a cotton duck. For some reason I like using that fabric because it’s a little different. Not many restorers use cotton duck for their upholstery although it was used quite regularly back in the old days. I guess people are drawn to the more elegant wool fabrics today.

The shafts have been base coated maroon and cleared. Here you can see a step plate that was painted black. Dale will normally paint out all the black parts prior to shooting the clear. It will be getting shaft trim installed and then on to striping.

So keep the poor Wisconsin guy with all his stuff stuck together in your thoughts. Guess I can’t say as if he didn’t have it coming.

Have a great week.


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