Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back From Virtual Vacation

Well I'm back home at my desk. The great thing about virtual vacation is you never leave. No packing, no worries about gas prices, dog sitter, who's going to get the mail, standing at the hotel counter hoping your credit card isn't declined, the girl that just cut you off while texting. You know the deal.

Took a bunch of great pictures while I was away. Cheryl took this one just as I was ready to jump in the pool. Sure feeling better since I started my virtual workout.

I always feel a person should try something new on vacation. So I thought this might be kind of fun. It was fun until the bull threw me into a gate panel where I ruptured my spleen.

Med flight took 2 hours to arrive so I just laid there in the middle of the arena. They had to stop the rodeo. I was in such severe pain they couldn't move me out. People started yelling and throwing beer cups as they left. I was just shocked at how thoughtless people could be but by 9:30 that night I was in ICU.

I was lucky. Turned out it wasn't my spleen after all. Just a bad pimple on my back that popped so we could keep on going the next morning. Well that was a little embarrassing. But anyway we jumped a plane and took off to the Yukon were we could do a little skiing. If Cheryl lays down when she takes pictures it really looks like I'm getting some air.

Returned home this morning and back to work just like I never left. Just amazing what a little time away can do to refresh the spirit. Too bad I've used up all my virtual vacation until January. The good thing though is I get 10 days next year plus two digital personal holidays and three simulated sick days.

See you tomorrow,


michelleblackler said...


Red Renchin said...

What the hell are you smoking?
Where can I get some of that?

Toddersville said...

HAAA! Somehow I knew I was going to get that question! Not the first time. Great meeting you over the weekend. Just dug your email out of my spam blocker. Not sure what that was all about. I'll post a normal blog later on tomorrow after it wears off a little. Hope you're coming by for a visit sometime. Best! T

Cara said...

Looks like you had a blast! Lucky you didn't get rained out.

Kim Bates said...

Very creative!