Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Hate To Bring This Up But…

I keep getting scolded for talking about the pending doom we face. It’s coming and I’m scared. Really scared. It’s not going to be good. Don’t scroll down beyond this point unless you are on solid ground emotionally.

Winter. It’s going to snow and be cold. I used to love winter. I think the last couple have just taken their toll. We have had those old fashioned winters where it snows just about every day and doesn’t melt until spring. Getting through November and December are still a breeze but the rest of it can get a pretty long. I did take up skiing a few years ago so that helps. Rough part about that is I just sit here thinking about Colorado. Oh well, one way or the other I’ll get through it. The good news is it makes for great sleigh rides.

I thought I would just hit on a handful of nice vehicles that we have in stock right now. The first is an original Bobsleigh. Just remember winter is coming and this will make it a whole lot more fun. It has nice lines, solid condition and could make for a great project. It was built by C.F. Worthen & Co., Amesburry, MA and sells complete with a pole. A real bargain at $3,995.

If you follow American Carriage Builder you know that this vehicle was recently restored. It is a modern Pleasure Show Phaeton. It has not been put to since restoration. It looks spectacular and is priced at $8,495 with shafts. It is a large horse sized vehicle appropriate to around 16 hands.

Here we have a modern Road Cart built by us about seven or eight years ago. It was used for a season then the owner retired from driving. It is in excellent condition and would make a great pleasure or show cart. It is priced at $3,400 which is about half the going rate for a new one.

This two seat Albany could be a winter driver or restoration project. It is very solid and has outstanding lines. With winter right around the corner it’s a great opportunity to pick up an unusual sleigh. These two seat Albany’s a few and far between. It is priced at $6,995 and sells complete with pole and shafts.

This could make for a lovely show carriage. This light Shooting Break is in solid condition but in need of restoration if one would like to turn it out in the show ring. It is a horse sized vehicle with a makers tag from Chas Fritz, Southampton, NY. It sells with a pole and is priced at $9,495.

I’m just touching on a fraction of our current selection. Our showroom is filled with new, used and antique carriages of all types. If we don’t have it we can find it or build it. Our selection is as diverse as our clients and we look forward to working with you.

For some reason my post sounds like a sales pitch today. Usually I'm a little smoother than that. Must be the pending doom...

Have a great day.



Kim Bates said...

Cross-country skiing is fun- and snowshoeing, too!

Cara said...

In 1968 I lived in a place with snow that stuck for more than a day. Ew.

Grinder said...

Trust me - this will be a good winter (if you like warmer winters with more ice then snow).

The squirrels on the square in Madison are itching their left sides (non-heart side) meaning warmer winter.

What makes humans unique to all other animals? Feet! We can not eat with them. Well . . some can but really, can they tell the weather? no!

I rest my case.

Toddersville said...

Well can the feet eating varmints promise me that it won't stick for more than a day?