Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Somebody Loves Me

I have no tolerance for the couch. I sit on it and I fall asleep. I lay down on it and five minutes I‘m out. Something about that thing that just puts me in a slumber. On the rare occasion that we put a movie in our VCR (yes, I said VCR) I sit on the coach and fall asleep. I might make it half way through depending on the movie.

The other night was no exception. I came in from a late night at the office and thought I would just sit there for a minute. So guess what. I fell asleep. Sonny’s (that’s the dog) all time favorite thing in the world is to lay down on the couch with me. He knows if I’m tossing the pillows off we are getting ready to crash. Well I guess it’s a dogs life.

New projects. We have new projects. I’m going to introduce you to a couple today and you will be seeing much more of both of them over the next few weeks. The first is an Albany Cutter restoration. It was a local piece with a manufacturers tag but you know something, the maker’s name escapes me at the moment. Maybe it was Lull. I'll let you know. Bob and Brandon have been working on it for a week or so now and it’s coming along. The runners have been dismantled and stripped.

Bob has been working on the body. It is in nice solid condition other than the dash and one of the lower body panels. Bob has the body panel repaired but the dash has yet to be done. We like to get the front corners of the body in pretty good shape before we install the dash. Once the dash is in place it makes accessing that area difficult.

Today Brandon stripped the shafts and readied them for primer.

Along with the shafts he has been blasting metal runner parts to prepare them for primer. Blasting takes a lot of air. My air compressor is about ten years old and although it has served me well it is finally giving out. We managed to get through these parts. I don’t think we will be doing any others until we address the compressor issue.

And here is a very brief introduction to the Show Gig project we are embarking upon. It will be a variation of the Whiskey chassis with a much different body. Here we have the chassis and wheels together and I’m beginning construction of the body. It will be on the order of a Stanhope Gig cross bred with a Going to Cover Cart. We’ll see some large louvers in the sides and long flat fenders like the Going to Cover. The seat frame will be reminiscent of that vehicle as well but just a two person carriage. I have the body designed and it will be quite elegant but more nimble in appearance than a Going to Cover. This vehicle is being built for a Wisconsin client for her Friesian. She has chosen black for the primary color with gold striping and tan upholstery. In that combination it will be very classy.

This will have to serve as my Wednesday and Thursday blogs. Wednesday was crazy and I am off to Port Washington, Wisconsin on Thursday with a group of local people with an interest in downtown redevelopment. Port is a really great little town on the shore of Lake Michigan. This day trip organized by the City of Columbus through the CDA and our Economic Development Director. Port has been working hard on their historic downtown redevelopment. I’m looking forward hearing how they made things happen.

Have a great day.



Grinder said...

My wife's dad has a couch like that - I can sit in it for 5 minutes and seriously - I will fall asleep.

It's amazing. I try and try but BAM - out like a light!

Cara said...


Kim Bates said...

What a sweet picture! How was Port?

Kim Bates said...

I usually last about 1- 1 1/2 hours on my couch and then- bam!

Toddersville said...

Since I posted this I have talked with so many people that have a couch like mine. I wonder what they put in those things?