Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Literally

Sometimes that happens. Work piles up faster than you can get it done so the weekend becomes work time too. That was the case this weekend and I managed to get a lot accomplished. The Brewster Park Phaeton needed to be ready to roll out the door first thing this morning and we made it. It was just as well I had to work anyway. The government issued an air quality alert for our area for the entire weekend so I was afraid to go outside anyhow. Imagine the lives lost had everyone been out in the sunny 75 degree weather.

We did risk it for a few hours on Monday though. Jumped in the car and ran over to see the lake. Went for a walk, hiked the beach and polished off a Culver’s Burger and a shake to kill all the effort. We both wore gas masks all day just to protect ourselves. As you can see from the photo it was pretty dangerous. I can’t believe people were outside just walking around in this stuff like nothing was wrong.

The Brewster Park Phaeton turned out just gorgeous. The owner selected a pair of lamps from the showroom while they were here on Wednesday. We went ahead and installed brackets and mounted them while it was here.

The upholstery is wool broadcloth done in the original fashion.

This is an early Brewster vehicle. Looking at it certainly gives you that impression. Square, clean lines were a Brewster trademark on vehicles of this sort.

We have a very busy week ahead of us coming off the busy weekend. The Villa Louis Carriage Classic starts on Friday. We have one client vehicle to finish and at least a couple for our display. The midnight oil continues to burn and I’m looking forward to being at the show. Hope to see you there.

Have a great day.



Robbi said...

Well I am glad nothing happened to you two while you were out enjoying the 75' weather with your masks on and out with the rest of people.
I am sure that Culver burger was Delish. Heehee!

Bravo!!! on that Carriage! Beautiful!

Toddersville said...

Hey Robbi - It was scary...

Cara said...

It looks stunning in the sunshine!

M said...

You mock, but the three of us were outside in the lovely sunny mild weather this weekend... and now all of us are sneezing, and two of us are coughing. Cause, effect! Logic rules.

"Particulates." Boy, those little molecules had their PR guys working overtime on that one. That's not pollution, that's a tea circle of overly polite society matrons.

Toddersville said...

Mary - watch out. Might be the swine flu...