Monday, September 28, 2009

One of My All Time Fav’s

I really enjoy a wide variety of architecture. Right now some of my favorite is the mid-century modern work of the 50’s and 60’s. Both exterior and interior details of this style are appealing to me. The clean lines and blocky proportions just seem to get me going. I think it blends well with certain landscaping and I think these folks have done a great job of that too. Kind of minimalist in some ways and again done in large masses.

I really like this house a lot. It's over in Sheboygan along our walking route. Not the greatest photo of it but in my eye a pretty groovy house. I’ll have to send my buddy Rod over to take a good picture. I would love to spend an hour on their lawn taking pictures as I think some of the details are really fun. What is really great about this house is that it has not been messed with. That is important to me no matter what era the building is be it Queen Anne to Contemporary. No one has tried to make this house into something it’s not. That is a very common occurrence and it NEVER works. Want to wreck your historic home? Put a ranch style two car garage on the end of it. That’ll do it.

We are putting up a few more photos and details about the Road Cart that I pictured last week. What a great little cart. This is a modern vehicle designed and constructed from a vintage design. We built this vehicle a few years ago and it sold to a client that barely used it for one year.

It was done in natural finish with a tufted seat in black vinyl. The dash is also done in black with a brass rein rail.

It has an attractive look from behind and includes a spares box under the seat. It is fully striped in black. The advantage road carts have over other models are they are very light in comparison. They have the light basket body and a single half elliptic spring which keeps the weight under control. They are traditionally a rear entry from an axle step and this one has a folding seat back to make that easier.

Now for the bad news. This one was stored in the previous owners barn in a clean dry area. Unfortunately the kitties in the barn had access to that space as well. You know what happens when cats with sharp claws meet up with upholstery. So there are numerous tiny little claw marks in the seat. Not noticeable from a distance but obvious up close. So other than that this cart is in perfect condition and it is priced at $3,400.

Have a great day.



John R., K.O.P. said...

T, you should sell the carriage racket and get into buildings full-time. You can fly me in for a week here and there to handle all of the painting.

Toddersville said...

JRKOP - Maybe I'll sell the carriage racket and the building racket and the llama racket and ski full time. Probably take the summers off to recuperate. I could probably use an apprentice if you want to apply.

John R., K.O.P. said...

Sounds good, except I don't ski. I can drink cocktails in the lodge, though.

Toddersville said...

Well winter is right around the corner. Just hang out at a local ski hill and before long you will be tearing it up. Hey to Ang!

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