Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Haut Ride

So are you all getting ready for the big Labor Day Weekend? It has been just beautiful weather here lately and it sounds like it will be going right through the weekend. If you are looking for a great place to spend your three days off head to Wisconsin.

The Whiskey is just looking incredible. Everything is really coming together. I am very proud of the work our crew has put into it. Building or restoring carriages is a team effort and it takes some serious skills in each category to produce vehicles of this caliber. It will be getting a lot of attention when it makes its debut next weekend.

So our Whiskey client, Vicki Nelson-Bodoh dropped me an email yesterday saying she will pick it up NEXT Thursday. We were planning on having it done THIS Thursday so you know what that means. We get to screw off for a week. We have all this extra time so what’s the rush. I think she waited until yesterday to tell me that on purpose.

Now if the rest of the blog tends to be a lot of fluff and not much substance well that’s because it is. I have quite a few pictures and not much to say that hasn’t already been said.

So enjoy.

The pictures.

A really pretty shade of vermillion if I do say so myself. I'll have you know the previous sentence serves no practical purpose. This carriage will be one hot ride. Mark my words.

While we continue work on the Whiskey Ryanne is making the seat cushions for the Brewster Park Phaeton. Our client has arrived to pick up this vehicle on Tuesday. They are enjoying a little traveling in Wisconsin as we finish up their carriage. I am really looking forward to getting this vehicle out for some nice photos over the weekend.

The fabric is a maroon wool broadcloth. Ry has sewn the top panel for the front cushion and is pressing it before she prepares to install the buttons. Wool broadcloths are a traditional carriage fabric and a very appropriate choice for a vehicle of this type.

And here we have the rear cushion with the buttons partially installed. They are each being fastened to wood seat frames that I built up new last evening. By tomorrow they will really start taking shape. Then all that remains for upholstery is the rear seat back cushion.

It’s pushing five PM and I’m just posting the blog again today. About 12 hours behind when I like to post it. It has been another hectic day and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Have a great evening.


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