Monday, July 27, 2009

Groovy Carriage Stuff

The Columbus Public Enemies Celebration went off on Saturday without a hitch. Great weather, good music, nice crowds and hundreds of motorcycles. I was told 400 plus. Mostly Harleys but a little bit of everything. A few really nice custom bikes and a lot of noise. There were hayride tours of the historic residential districts which seemed to be a big hit. The wagons were full every time they went by. My buddy Rod was up on the roof of the showroom taking pictures so hopefully he might share a couple of those with me this week.

Half of the fun of carriages is all the stuff that goes with it. Over the years I have accumulated so many little carriage knick knacks. Now for the shameless self promotion part. All of these items are for sale. Wait a minute… This whole blog is shameless self promotion anyway. Above is an original Standard Oil Mica Grease can in outstanding condition.

Here we have an original correspondence from Brewster & Co., New York. This very rare piece is an original document and the only one of its type that I have ever seen. This item did sell on eBay a few weeks ago and went back to New York City.

Probably my favorite carriage related item is my Parry Buggy clock. Not that I’m that crazy about Parry buggies but this clock is awesome. It is all original and in outstanding condition. It was made by the New Haven Clock Company. It is complete with the pendulum and the original key. It works, off and on. You can see this item right now on eBay.

Here is a really beautiful pair of seat side rails. The craftsmanship of the old masters was evident in the workmanship here. The most difficult part of being a designer or builder of anything is getting the lines to flow properly. Great lines in craftsmanship are really a rarity today. These carriage parts are not only a good example of highly skilled craftsmanship but really exemplify great design.

Build a better mousetrap. Here is a good example. This axle wrench shows a patent date of 1904 which was pushing the end of the carriage era. But it was probably one of the handiest wheel wrenches you could find. It’s adjustable to fit any sized wheel nut and it has the handy wood handle to act as a “speed” wrench. This great item can be found on eBay.

To find me on eBay search “antique horse drawn wrench” and the above wrench will show up in the list. My seller name is “jamestreet”. Once you open that item you can click “see sellers other items” in the upper right hand corner. We normally have around twenty unique carriage related items listed at any given time. All kinds of groovy carriage things to see.

Have a great week.


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