Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bachelor Brougham Restoration in Progress

Wow it’s chilly here in Wisconsin today. I haven’t checked but feels like about 65 or so right now. The windows are open and I’m sitting here in shorts freezing. Good working weather I guess but bring summer back by the weekend.

So the stripping of the Kimball Brougham continues. We are getting to the point where most of the body is getting stripped. There are still some detailed areas left but the big panels are coming along. Here Bob and Brandon hand strip the front portion of the body.

Both doors have now been removed. This will make it easier to work on the door jambs and replace panels.

The front floor has been stripped clean and turned out quite nicely. The body panels have the majority of the paint removed and the balance of this will be cleaned up by sanding it off.

The original upholstery has been carefully removed and saved. As you may recall I was debating the replacement of the interior. After a long discussion with our client about her use of the vehicle replacing the interior is clearly the smart way to go with this project. We will retain all the original upholstery parts. They will be used as patterns for the new upholstery then sent with the owner to keep with the carriage.

The doors need some work. Stripping all the detailed areas of the door jambs takes quite a bit of time but it sure makes it easier having it on the bench.

So I have another little project underway. This is a fun, spare time (of which I have none) arts project that I am undertaking to release a little creative energy. It is something that I have been planning to do for years. Being I’m not getting any younger it’s time to get going. You can see more about it by clicking on The Great American Time Machine to your left under my favorite links.

Have a great day.



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