Monday, July 20, 2009

Stick A Fork In It - It’s Done

Pizza. This morning I feel like I ate Pizza. Probably because I did. We went to the Blue Moon last night for dinner. The Blue Moon is a great place in Lake Mills which is about a half an hour drive for us. At one time we had a Blue Moon in Columbus until it unfortunately burned down. So then they opened up in Lake Mills instead. Bummer for us. Great Cajun cooking and excellent pizza.

They have a Half Moon Pie and a Full Moon Pie. We had the Veggie Bomb Half Moon Pie. Outstanding! It’s kind of a deep dish pizza with a crunchy crust. Has to be homemade sauce. Lots of cheese and tons of veggies along with some pickled yellow peppers and some green olives to liven it up. The half moon pie is more than enough for two. It was excellent and as far as pizza goes I give it five stars.

Funny though, when you are not used to eating like that you still feel it the next morning. We have been on a pretty healthy eating kick lately and pizza hits you like a ton of bricks. Well worth it once in a while…

The Pleasure Show Phaeton was put to bed on Friday. Click on the photos to enlarge. Dale is finishing up the striping and the trim on the shafts today and it will be completely wrapped up. It turned out great. I pulled it out yesterday and managed to get some nice shots.

The body is black with a maroon chassis and maroon wool broadcloth upholstery trimmed with a vermillion stripe. It is horse size fitting 15 hand to 16 hand horses.

I loaded it up yesterday and moved it into the showroom in the afternoon. Moved things around a bit and found a nice little spot for it in the front window. It is available for purchase priced at $8,495.

We have a busy week again this week. A number of projects in the works in different stages of progress. One thing about this business it seems you always need to have a number of projects in the air at once. We are waiting for this or that which always seems to hold us up so you need a backup project in order to keep working. I'm off to the races.

Have a great day.



Peter said...

It sure is a beauty. I just can't believe how fast it went through the shop. How is the skeleton gig coming along?

Toddersville said...

Hi Pete,

Paint we can move along pretty well on. We seem to get a bogged down on trim and upholstery. Need to fix that as it is really aggravating. The Skeleton Gig will be back on the front burner next week. We have maybe a month to wrap that up for Vicki. The Brougham is coming along nicely as well. I'll post a blog on that tomorrow. Such a busy day today I never had a chance. Thanks for watching.


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