Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Show Phaeton In Living Color

The weather has been nice in Wisconsin lately but it’s getting to the point that we could use some rain. I know, those of you that live up north have needed rain for weeks now. It could be worse but it is starting to dry up around here too. Dry air, breezy days and no showers for quite some time are leading us to the mid summer brown lawn stage.

Here we have the body for the Show Phaeton project. It is now painted, cleared and striped. We are ready to bolt it on the chassis. It turned out great!

We left the upholstery intact when we repainted the seat. We did remove the webbing around the perimeter of the seat. Now the seat is painted. So last night I installed new webbing around the perimeter of the upholstery and it all looks like new. The seat still needs a few stripes so that’s on the agenda for today.

The chassis is striped. We went with a deep maroon paint color and a vermillion stripe. It looks excellent.

The rear portion of the chassis is all striped in traditional fashion.

The wheels are painted and striping is just beginning here. The fellow is complete along with a couple stripes around the hub. We should have the majority of the work on this carriage completed this week. Looking forward to getting it outside for some pictures.

Have a great day.


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