Friday, July 10, 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem

It looks like the little Kimball Brougham was the source of some trouble at some point. In taking the right door off of the body we encountered a pile of busted glass in the bottom of the door. And a note. The note and the rubble appears to have been hidden away in the bottom of the door for decades.

The note reads. “If you want your kids to climb around on this carriage give me $3,500 first. Then I could care less. Leave the door CLOSED.” It kind of looks to me like some youngsters must have been playing around in this vehicle and busted the window. Obviously much to the dismay of the owner at the time. It’s always fun to see what you will run across when you dive into these restorations. The note will be saved and passed along to our client upon completion.

Bob and Brandon are making good progress on stripping the carriage. It’s getting to the point that they will be taking the chassis off to start on the fifth wheel, springs and axles. The doors have been completely stripped and the one split door panel has been removed.

The body is pretty well ready for the wood repairs. Not much paint remaining. Once the split wood panels have been replaced we will coat the body in a hard coat sealer prior to primer coats.

The body is marked in a few locations with a serial number 2839. This one is stamped on the top of each of the doors.

Here 2839 appears on the inside wood panel behind the coachman’s seat. We will be doing some digging over the next few days to see if there is any historic information available on this carriage. Unlikely but it’s worth a try now knowing the serial number.

It’s a really big weekend coming up in Wisconsin. The Great Circus Parade is Sunday in Milwaukee. This is one incredible event. Over 350 horses take part in this parade along with most of the historic wagons from the Baraboo Circus World Museum. Take the time to see it if you have never had the chance. You can find more details at .

Have a great weekend.



Kim Bates said...

How cool! Love the sign!

Toddersville said...

Hi Kim,

You never know what you will run across in these old vehicles. makes it fun.