Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I hate when this happens. I get too busy to take the time to post the blog. That’s frustrating but maybe I’ll do a Saturday or Sunday blog to make up for it. So much to talk about and so little time. So anyway it’s going to be a big day in little Ol’ Columbus on Saturday. It is the Columbus Public Enemies Celebration. I hate to admit it but we have yet to see the movie. I suppose we better get to that while it is still in the theaters.

The link below is the place to go for more details about the Columbus Celebration.

Here you can find a schedule for the weekend. Come by Columbus to check it out. Many of the festivities will be happening on the Boulevard right in front of Colonial Carriage Works. We will be open tomorrow from 9 until 7. Yes that’s 7:00 pm so stop by!

The Kimball Brougham is coming along. We have all of the split panels replaced. Here we have the left rear quarter that has been installed and hard coat sealed.

One of the doors was also showing a bad split. That panel has been removed and replaced.

As you may recall the top layer of the roof was letting go in a pretty bad way. It worked out quite well to just remove the top layer. We fastened down what was loose on the sub layer than re-skinned the top. It looks great with no more cracks and wrinkles.

Here is a close up shot of the body after sealing and sanding. Our hard coat sealer is basically a form of fiberglass gelcoat. This is a catalyzed epoxy material. It has the consistency of honey which allows us to lay it on fairly heavy. It is clear and cures very hard. When it is dry it looks like a thick coat of varnish. We will often reinforce joints and corners with one layer of fiberglass mesh. This prevents joints from cracking in the future. The entire body has been coated with this material and sanded. We will probably hit it with one more coat before we go to primer.

All the individual components of the front end have been blasted and primed. All of these parts will be sanded once then primed again.

Here we have some of those parts in the sanding process. The first go round is done with 220 grit paper then the next sanding we will cut back to a finer paper.

Maybe we will see you over the weekend.


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