Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rebirth of a Houghton Sulky

Big news for little old Columbus today. The premier of “Public Enemies” in the theaters tonight. Portions of the film starring Johny Depp were filmed in Columbus a little over a year ago. So today is the big day and there are a lot of people in our little town that are excited to get to the theater tonight. How cool is that!

I little quickie blog today on a project that just walked out of the shop last week. Click on photos to enlarge. A long time client of ours came through about a year ago and spied a sorry little Houghton Sulky cart in the corner of the barn. It was old, ugly, had a broken shaft and if I recall a price tag of $500 - $600 bucks.

“This will be a great little everyday training cart” he said. Being a very experienced driver I sort of wondered what he saw in the sad little cart but who am I to question a customer.

So he buys the cart and takes it home. Six months go by and he calls. “Hey, I want you to restore the little Houghton Sulky.” I thought to myself “why?” But who am I to question a customer. So he brings it down and we get to work. One broken shaft. A bunch of broken slats in the floor. Wheels so worn out they wobble all over the place. It’s going to take a lot of work to make this look like something but who am I to question a customer.

We are getting the little cart into shape and we are wondering what color. “Yellow with a black stripe” he replies. Oh yea, that will be really sharp I thought to myself. So we are about ready to paint and he calls and says “I hope you didn’t paint my cart yet, I want it blue.” “You pick the stripe.” BLUE? Who am I to question a customer.

So we had a nice blue. Not too dark, not too light. Sort of an electric blue but can’t really call it that seeing this cart was built before electricity was in vogue. As it comes together we are looking at it going “You know this doesn’t look to bad so what color stripe?” We decide on vermillion and run with it. Well needless to say it looked incredible. Everyone at the Columbus Carriage Classic was drooling all over this cart. It was a huge hit. He loved it. We loved it. Lesson learned, never question a customer…

Have a great day.



cara drouin said...

I can see why there was drooling! The blue color lends it dignity and pulls it out of "Totally Cute."

Do you know how old it is? Is there any history behind this kind of cart or even this particular one? These questions may reveal my ignorance--but I'm willing to be cured.


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