Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Million Little Pieces

Tomorrow is breakfast with the boys. Every Wednesday I get together with some friends for breakfast. Always entertaining, occasionally enlightening and certainly one of the highlights of the week. It started with two of us. We added a third and now we are up to four that have managed to pass the grueling initiation process. Depending on the day there may be an additional straggler along once in a while. We dine locally as well as making short road trips to such exotic locations as Rio, Fall Rivera, Waterloo, and Eastern Lowell where they open 30 minutes early just for us. It’s the one day a week that I throw out the diet and splurge on hash browns, some sort of breakfast meat and toast with jelly. Three guys in suits and me in shorts and flip flops. I’m surprised that I have not faced discipline in violation of the dress code.

The Kimball Brougham project continues to move along.

We have come to the point that we are completed with the body and the chassis needs to come off. We are starting on the front end and when we have that in primer we will move to the rear.

The roof so far is going according to plan. Bob removed the top skin to find the next layer in pretty decent condition. The loose areas have been fastened and now the new top layer is being fitted.

Once glued and fasted this will give us a good solid base on the roof. We will then continue to infill the remaining panels that have been removed. I would expect to see most of that work completed today.

So here it is in a million little pieces. The front end of the Kimball Brougham. Every last nut and bolt has been removed and the stripping and blasting process begins. As you can see the metal parts are quite rusted and the only way to really clean them up properly is to completely take it apart. Brandon will begin blasting metal parts today.

Have a great day.


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