Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So What’s New?

We are always on the lookout for new vehicles. Not new but new to us. Interesting antique carriages for our clients and for sale in the showroom. We have been running across a number of great vehicles lately. This carriage has unique lines and is quite a versatile sporting carriage.

I’m not even quite sure what to call it. Maybe you would all like to chime in on this one. It is certainly a trap. The rear deck flips up to make room for two forward facing passengers. One of the front seats fold up and you can walk through to sit in the rear seat.

It has very attractive design features in the louvers and the break style seat frame. The original umbrella basket is still in place.

The front toe board arrangement is intriguing. There is room in the body for the whip and the passenger to keep their feet down in the body. The toe board is very high in relationship to the seat. One would have their feet quite horizontal if placed on the toe board.

The original tag is on the carriage. It reads “Sold By Sievers & Erdman, Detroit, Mich.

The rear seat also flips backwards for rear facing passengers. I am always intrigued by the design ingenuity by the early carriage makers to construct carriages with so much versatility.

So what is it called? A Sporting Trap is probably what I’m going to go with for now. I will take some other suggestions. This vehicle is currently available for purchase priced at $5,995.

Have a great day.


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